Our Mission

We want to delight our customers' best friends, thereby delighting our customers.

two black dogs and one white dog taking a picture behind Punk-n-Pye's dog treat bags
Punk, Pye and their cousin Penny!

We have a mission to create delicious and nutritious cookies for dogs, baked fresh from 100% natural and organic human-grade ingredients.

We want to develop relationships with our customers and build trust in our products. A happy dog makes for a happy dog owner, therefore our mission is two-fold: "We want to delight our customers' best friends, thereby delighting our customers!"

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Meet the Owners

“Punk-n-Pye’s Best Friends Treats was created out of my love for dogs and my love of baking… now I get to reward the special members of our family by baking them something special. When we prepare a meal for our family, not only do we nourish their bodies, but because we prepare it with love, we also nourish their souls… Love each other, feed each other.”

~ Kim
woman holding dog and kissing the dog in a chair
Kim LeBlanc Hamilton
man looking sideways at dog
Mike Hamilton

Kim LeBlanc Hamilton is a 3rd generation family matriarch-taught baker from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her love of two special little black dogs, combined with her love of baking, led to the inspiration of creating
Punk-n-Pye's Best Friends Treats.

A former fitness model, Kim always cooks with health and nutrition in mind, quoting:
“You are what you eat, and just as you would for yourself, anything that you feed your dog, treats included, should promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being.”

Teaming up with her husband, Mike, they’re setting out to spoil Punk, Pye and all of their furry friends!