Handcrafted and All Natural

Flavors for Your Furry Best Friend

Variety of dog treat flavors

Punk-n-Pye's Best Friends Treats come in 5 delicious flavors! We created our recipes to be unique and we crafted them from meals that we actually eat. Each Punk-n-Pye's flavor is like a healthy mini-meal that you would cook for yourself but designed as a yummy snack for your pup... dogs will think they're eating your food! We make our cookies so you can eat with your dogs if they were allowed at the table.

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Our Commitment

The Punk-n-Pye's Difference

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When you treat your dog to Punk-n-Pye's all-natural dog cookies, you can feel confident that you are contributing to their health and well-being, as well as treating them to yummy goodness that will make their taste buds happy…and get their tongues and tails waggin’.  Our commitment is to provide you and your pup with high quality, all-natural, healthy and delicious dog treats.

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Break-N-Share Treats

Dog with treat in mouth

Punk-n-Pye's treats are conveniently designed to break into five smaller pieces!
(But sometimes you gotta have it all, like Penny!)

Great for Training, Portion Control and Extra Treat Giving

Dog TreatDog treat broken up

Each cookie is five treats in one!

Only The Best For Your Furry Best Friend!
Wheat-Free, Corn-Free, Soy-Free and Gluten-Free
No Meal or By-products
No Additives
Nothing Artificial

Human-Grade Recipes

All of our cookie treats are oven-baked from original recipes. We use only premium ingredients like human-grade cuts of meats, organic fresh fruits and vegetables, and organic flours. Punk-n-Pye's treats are wheat-free, corn-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

All Natural

We only put ingredients into our treats that we would eat ourselves... 100% human-grade ingredients. To be considered human-grade, all ingredients must be edible for humans and prepared in a human-grade certified kitchen. Human-grade food is more intensely inspected than feed grade... and we taste test every batch!

No Preservatives

Our baking process is simple; because we want to make the healthiest dog treat you can find, without any preservatives, we slow bake them twice, to remove all the moisture. We also puree everything so they are easily digestible!

Made In The USA

All of our treats are made from scratch and oven-baked in small batches in Kim's beautiful home state of Louisiana. Our human-grade certified kitchen is located in the city of Slidell, just outside of New Orleans. We use the highest standard of quality control and only bake with USA-sourced ingredients.

Our FREEZE DRIED RAW treats are frozen at the peak of freshness and contain 98% of all nutrients found in the original raw ingredient, making them 100% pure and health freeze dried treat for your pup!

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