DIY Homemade Dog Food in a Pinch!

March 10, 2021
It’s mealtime for your precious pup and you.. Uh oh!.. Discover you’re out of dog food...

No fear! Here's a fresh recipe using ingredients you have at home that’ll save you from having to run to the store ‘till your next planned visit. 

*This recipe is tailored for a 30-lb dog with nutritional percentages of 25% protein, 15% fat, and 5% fiber.

4.5 oz. Protein
2 cups Carbohydrates
1 + ½ Tbsp. Fiber/Vegetables
2 tsp. Fat
The following explains the different food sources that can be used for this recipe:

Protein Source: any bland, cooked meat (such as: chicken, salmon, beef, turkey) or eggs
Carbohydrate Source: any bland, cooked grain (such as: white or brown rice, sweet potato, pasta, oatmeal, corn)
Fiber Source: bland, cooked vegetables such as: broccoli, green beans, baby spinach, carrots, bell peppers, squash
Fat Source: vegetable oil such as: corn, safflower or olive 

Blend cooked ingredients together in food processor or chop into small, bite site pieces. If you’ve got a picky pup, blend a couple of Punk-n-Pye's treats to the mix for an added boost of flavor and nutrition!

Disclaimer: this recipe is intended for a single-use meal for your dog and should not be used regularly without consulting a veterinarian about the proper supplement and unique nutritional needs of your dog. 


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