3 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

September 30, 2021
HOWLoween will be here soon! It's the perfect time to get creative and spend some extra time (without spending extra $$$) with your pup. Some costumes sold at pet stores can get quite expensive, so we wanted to share three easy DIY Halloween costumes that are frugal, time-saving and just too cute! 

The Ghost Dog

The Ghost Dog is extra-spooky on big dogs!

You’ll need:
- a white bandana
- a white dog shirt fitted loosely to your dog
First, put the white dog shirt on your pup. Then, simply lay the bandana around your dog’s face so that one of the corners is running straight along their back (making a diamond bandana shape) to measure where the mouth hole will be. Cut a small hole near the middle of the bandana where your dog’s snout is. Keep testing the size of this hole and cutting more fabric so your dog has a full range of motion for its mouth.
Then, cut some eye holes where appropriate (always make sure your dog can see fully!) and secure by taking the two side corners of the bandana diamond to the base of your dog’s neck to meet with the first corner. Tie corners together and secure with a collar.
The most adorable (and easiest) ghost dog ever.

The Bunny

The Bunny is the cutest costume for the smaller pups.
You’ll need: 
- a pink headband that fits your dog’s head (try the baby section if you have a petite pup!)
- pink pipe cleaners
- pink fabric 
- super glue
Form the pipe cleaners in the shape of two bunny ears. Cut out fabric to fill-in the ears and attach with super glue. Glue or use additional pipe cleaners to mount finished ears onto headband. The headband will fit best if settled in front of your dog’s ears. This costume also works great for Easter!

The Fluffy Flower

For the extra-finicky pup, The Flower is a sure-shot way to get your pup wearing a costume!

You’ll need: 
- a green collar
- yellow felt 
- super glue 
Simply cut petals out of the yellow felt and super glue them along the entire circumference of the green collar. That’s it!
Alternatively, you could make The Fluffy Flower using The Bunny technique (see above) by simply substituting a green headband, yellow pipe cleaners, yellow fabric and gluing the petals so they touch along the entire arch of the headband. 

Voila, last-minute HOWLoween party, here we come! Don’t bring tricks, only treats!