Why Dogs are Simply the Best!

August 23, 2021
National Dog Day is August 26, so in honor of our furbabies - our furry best friends - our four-legged family - we wanted to share some gratitude for our pups and why they’re simply the best!

They're totally loyal.

A dog’s love is eternal. Once they’ve found their forever home, they are incredibly protective of their owners, show undying love for you day-in-and-day-out, and always want to be by your side.

They'll keep you active.

Although the activity level of dog breeds may vary and dogs get a little slower with age, (don’t we all?) dogs are naturally active and love taking walks and playing. They will tire you out just as much as they tire themselves out! For both you and your dog’s physical and mental health, it’s so beneficial to spend time playing with your pup whenever you can.

They're a stress reliever.

Studies show that dogs can help to lower blood pressure and reduce overall feelings of anxiety. If you’re stressed out or need a bit of calmness in your life, hanging out with your pup might be just what you need! As a dog owner, you know what we’re talking about. It’s like they’re able to sense when we’re feeling low, we hug them for support, and we can vent our feelings by talking to them - they’re the best listeners!

Let’s give a round of a-paws (and a few extra treats) for our favorite furry companions. Happy National Dog Day!

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