Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats: The Process and Health Benefits

September 20, 2023
At Punk-n-Pye’s Best Friends Treats, we’ve been committed to treating your dog like our family since 2014 with our made-with-love and baked-from-scratch dog cookies. In 2023, we are super excited to announce the new addition of freeze dried raw treats to the Punk-n-Pye’s family assortment of all-natural treats! If you haven’t read our official announcement update yet, please see here.

With this new addition to our treat offerings, you may be wondering what exactly does the freeze dried process entail, and what are the health benefits for dogs? Keep reading to find out!

The Freeze Dried Raw Process 

Freeze drying removes moisture of ingredients by converting ice directly to vapor by sublimation (turning solids to gas) rather than passing through the usual liquid state. Freeze dried treats are processed at very low temperatures, basically frozen and placed under a vacuum to remove the moisture from the ingredients. The chemical composition of the ingredients is not altered during the process, preserving nutrients and protein structures, making these treats highly nutritious and eliminating the need for additives.

Freeze drying does not involve cooking. Freeze dried treats lack moisture, which prevents yeast, mold, and bacteria from affecting the treats. 

The Freeze Dried Raw Benefits

Freeze dried raw treats contain 98% of all the ingredients’ nutrients, giving your furbaby all the natural health and nutrient benefits of the treat, including higher energy, greater digestive health, and better overall wellness. 

In addition, Punk-n-Pye’s freeze dried raw treats are: 

  • Low calorie
  • Lock in aroma, texture, and freshness by freezing at the peak of freshness
  • 100% natural with no fillers, additives, preservatives, and nothing artificial
  • USA-sourced

Ready for your pup to benefit from freeze dried raw treats? Order now!

Punk-n-Pye's freeze dried raw treats are available in Salmon, Chicken, and Pumpkin. Click on the pictures below to learn more!