4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

July 21, 2021
Summertime is a great opportunity to get out of the house with your pup. Taking day trips to the pet store, playing in fresh-cut grass, and going to summer outdoor events or on vacation with your dog can be some of the best bonding moments between you and your furry companion.

With all of the fun stuff happening, it’s important to plan ahead and take extra care to keep your fur baby cool and comfortable while you’re out-and-about in the hot summer heat. Check out these 4 tips to keep in mind to keep you two playing all season long!

Provide Extra Water & Shade

This may seem obvious but is easy to forget, especially on a quick trip to the store or walk around the neighborhood. You'll want to keep a dog bowl with you everywhere you bring your furry friend, and, just like you need extra water in the heat, bring extra water bottles to refill your pup’s bowl whenever needed and offer often. And, take frequent breaks in the shade - Don’t forget, dogs can get sunburned just like you!

Keep Their Fur Groomed

If your pup’s coat is very long, consider consulting with a professional groomer on a “summer trim”. However, your dog’s coat provides a natural sunblock and cooling system, and, most importantly, should be regularly bathed and brushed to remove naturally shedding hair and keep your fur baby clean and comfortable.

Keep Your Dog Off the Hot Pavement

Asphalt and concrete get extremely hot in the summer! Your dog's paws are sensitive and can burn if they're exposed to heat for too long, just like your bare feet. Aim to keep your dog walking on the grass as much as possible. 

Give Your Pup Frozen Treats 

Just as you love frozen popsicles in the summer, so does your fur baby! Keep them cool with this DIY recipe: freeze trays of unsweetened yogurt or all-natural peanut butter with their favorite treat inside for a quick & easy pupsicle at home.

Summer is a great time of year for both us and our furry companions, but the hot weather can take some getting used to and extra planning ahead of time. With these simple tips, you can help your dog beat the summer heat with ease!