Keeping Your Furbaby's Treats Fresh... Naturally!

June 9, 2022
At Punk-n-Pye’s, we’re passionate about treating your furkid with nutritious and delicious cookies. This sentiment extends from the ingredients in our recipes to our baking process to even our preservation methods. Keep reading to learn more! 

We start with only the freshest, human-grade ingredients for your furry friend. No feed grade here! These are recipes you’ll be proud to give your pup. 
Only fresh, all-natural ingredients are used for our treats. Pictured are the ingredients for Chic-Chic Broccoli Bonzo.

Then, we press our cookies and bake them up real nice! We have our own Punk-n-Pye's custom cookie press that makes the unique Break-n-Share feature we are known for! They are perfect for training and extra treat giving. In addition, because we want to make the freshest and healthiest dog treat you can find, we slow bake them twice to remove all the moisture.
These yummy cookies just came out of the oven and are cooling.

After cooling, the treats are hand-packaged with an added oxygen-absorbing packet to help preserve freshness by removing 99.9% of oxygen from sealed packages with no preservatives. This enables us to continue to bake our all-natural treats with only the freshest ingredients. 

And, there you have it… Our unique baking method combined with oxygen absorbing packets give you (and your furkid) fresh treats for months to come!

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