Behind-the-Bag: Packaging Yammin' Apples to ship!

April 29, 2022
We're taking you on a behind-the-bag journey inside the Punk-n-Pye's kitchen! Today, we are packaging our scrumptious Yammin' Apples to ship across the USA. Come inside and take a look!
Yammin' Apples ready to ship!

Mike Hamilton hand stamps boxes for shipping.

First, we start with hundreds of fresh baked, hand packaged and sealed bags of our dog cookies. This particular day we had just finished up batches of Yammin' Apples. We also have boxes ready to be hand stamped and prepped for shipping.
Lots of cookies for your furbabys!
Lots of stickers to place!

Then, co-owner Mike Hamilton hand places quality control and freshness "best by" stickers on our treat bags. Because of our special baking method, our treats will stay fresh and ready for pup-sumption for up to 2 years! Read more here.
Taped and ready to go.

The treats are packaged neatly in boxes and sealed, ready for our delivery trucks to bring to a store near you.
Just another day at the Punk-n-Pye's kitchen!

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