Tips for Caring for Your Foster Dog (Part 2 – Adolescent Stage)

September 26, 2022
The adolescent stage in a dog’s life is basically the “teen” stage. All dogs go through this period between 12 to 24 months when they are leaving the puppy stage and moving into their adulthood.
During this time, the adolescent dog may have different behaviors and different needs than those younger or older than them. Just like humans, “teen” dogs at this age can become a little more contrary and needy. Before bringing an adolescent dog into your home, let’s take a look at some useful tips to help you care for them during their stay.

Keep the Dog Stimulated

During a dog’s adolescent stage, they may start trying to get into things around your home more. Keeping their minds stimulated is a great way to occupy them and keep them from damaging any of your personal belongings.
On top of that, stimulating a dog’s mind is good for them and helps keep their brain healthy! You can do this by giving them different types of dog puzzles or treat toys that create a hide-and-seek effect.

Keep Them Active

If you keep a dog active, it will release all the energy they have built up and will increase its need for sleep. Rather than them rambunctiously running through the house or tearing through the trash, they can use their curiosity and adventurous mind during walks and playtime.
Once they have used up their energy in this manner, it will be naptime in no-time!

Give Them Socialization

All dogs need socialization, and it is very important to keep them socialized during this stage. Even if they were properly socialized as a puppy, their personality may change once they hit adolescence and it is good to make sure they are around people and other animals throughout this period of life.
This will benefit the dog and the future adopters of the dog as they will be introduced to new people, surroundings, and potentially other animals.
Fostering a dog can be so rewarding and fun but it also comes with much responsibility. It is always good to know ahead of time how to care for a dog in each stage of their life so that you have a smooth fostering experience and so that they have a smooth transition into their new home once they are adopted.
An adolescent dog is like a teenager and needs certain things to keep them entertained and to keep them from getting into trouble. Once you implement these tips you will be well on the way to easily fostering a dog in this stage. Enjoy the time you have with them and happy fostering!

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