Can Dogs Eat Flowers?

May 15, 2023
Spring is in full bloom! Can dogs eat flowers? The answer may surprise you...

YES, dogs CAN eat flowers! In fact, dogs SHOULD eat flowers... especially when they're made with organic grains, wholesome proteins, fruits and vegetables, and BACON!

Ok, what are we really talking about here??

We're talking about Punk-n-Pye's flower-shaped Best Friends Treats, of course :)

Each Punk-n-Pye's dog cookie can break into 5 "petals" for five-treats-in-one!

We treat our dogs and yours like our family... and that includes during holidays and seasons! Celebrate this springtime season with your pup by treating them to our healthy, flower-shaped dog treats. To view all of our scrumptious varieties, click here.
In all seriousness, some REAL flowers are safe for dogs to eat, while others are not. Check out more here.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a wonderful spring!