Punk's Brunch Crunch

A Bacon, Egg, Oatmeal and Blueberry Treat

Everyone likes to go to brunch on special occasions, but we all know that every day is a special occasion with our furbabies! Have your brunch and your pup can eat too... with Punk's Brunch Crunch treats!

A Bacon, Egg, Oatmeal and Blueberry Treat

Treat Details

Healthy Ingredients for cooking
It's BACON!!

It's 7am and your pups are asleep on the bed!! They all open their eyes at the same time because there is this incredible smell seeping through the house.  It’s BACON!! They run down the stairs and sit at your feet at attention because they know that sizzling noise and tantalizing smell is coming from the pan that’s filled with yummy bacon!  You place the plate of those beautiful, wavy golden-brown slices on the table next to fluffy scrambled eggs, calcium-rich cottage cheese and hearty whole-grain oatmeal that's topped with fresh blueberries and drizzled with honey and a touch of cinnamon.  There’s nothing like treating your special furry little family members to some special Punk's Brunch Crunch treats.


Bacon, Whole Eggs, Oatmeal, Organic Blueberries, Cottage Cheese, Organic Brown Rice Flour, Organic Oat Flour, Raw California Honey, Cinnamon, Sea Salt

Nutrition Facts

Crude Protein (Min.)  15.8%

Crude Fat (Min.)         10.8%

Crude Fiber (Max.)       0.4%

Moisture (Max.)             7.8%

Ash                                   2.7%

Calories         360 kcal/100g

                           18 cal/cookie

Wholesome Goodness for your pup:

raw bacon


Bacon is yummy! Just the smell of bacon will make your dog’s mouth water and get their tongues and tails waggin’.

raw eggs in bowl


Eggs are one of nature’s perfect foods. Extremely high in protein, eggs have valuable nutrients and contain fatty acids that offer health benefits including tissue repair and improving skin and coat vitality and shine.

oatmeal and oat flour

Oatmeal/Oat Flour

Oatmeal/oat flour is a good source of soluble fiber and is high in grain protein. It is low in fat and is naturally gluten-free. It also contains iron, zinc, and B vitamins.



Blueberries are a good source of fiber and vitamin C and they're packed with antioxidants! Antioxidants help fight free radicals, which are responsible for cellular and molecular damage in dogs and humans. Vitamin C and fiber are vital components of proper canine nutrition.

cottage cheese

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is high in protein and calcium.

brown rice and flour

Brown Rice/Brown Rice Flour

Brown rice/brown rice flour is a whole grain that provides an excellent source of fiber. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals that are valuable to your dog’s diet. Brown rice is low in fat, rich in antioxidants, promotes a healthy weight, and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. You can also feed your dog cooked brown rice for an upset tummy. It provides energy and is easy to digest.



Honey is a natural energizer with a taste that dogs love.  Raw honey is rich in vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, and K, and contains important minerals including calcium and potassium. It has allergy-fighting qualities, aids in digestion, and is a source of antioxidants that help fight infections.



Cinnamon adds a little extra yummy flavor and an enticing smell to our treats...

sea salt

Sea Salt

Sea salt is all-natural and contains minerals like magnesium. It also enhances yumminess. Proper sodium levels keep your dog healthy.  While dogs need sodium in their systems to help with normal growth and development, sodium intake should always be kept in moderation to your dog’s size and weight.

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